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LX-1032 Electric Wax Machine for Hair Removal

LX-1032 Electric Wax Machine for Hair Removal
Product Detailed
1)Hand wax machine 2)Factory 3)OEM&ODM 4)Gross Weight:2.5Kg 5)Packing Size:36X23X22cm

LX-1036 Electric Wax Machine for Hair Removal  


After heating power can be between 45 °C and 60 °C melt, and then applied to the human skin, to skin beauty treatment. Wax treatment machine in this paragraph not only for opponents, foot care, but also for face, body care and even maintenance. Wax treatment machine: melting wax, heating for one, acting on the skin, the skin surface to produce a magnetic phenomenon, activation of the active ingredients in the wax, to enhance the permeability of skin cells, promoting blood circulation and affect the activity of blood cells resistance. Hand care use:

1, the wax block into small pieces, put them in wax treatment machines, melted wax can be used after a brush in hand, if the high heat of the people, can dip their hands into melted wax solution. 2, Prince of hand after a good brush, with plastic bags to stop, or wear disposable plastic gloves, thermal gloves and wear better. 3, wait 20 - 30 minutes after stripping wax film, coated with hand cream. Facial use: 1. Cleansing. 2. The better nutritional quality applied to the face cream, eye cream painted, if the stain, the stain spots at the coating paste. 3. Will face the same size nose and lips leaving gauze, cover the face. 4. Will be a good wax melting temperature in the arm inside of the test, should not have a sense of steaming hot, and then 2-3 layers of gauze brushing, including the neck. 5. 15-20 minutes, then peel wax, 6. Clean and coated lotions and creams. Note: The face can not use recycled wax; operation, the temperature is not too high, the skin should not feel hot, especially for the eyes, the temperature is not too high. 

Paraffin Wax Hand Care Tips:

 Protecting real estate broker regardless of the season, from now on, and so what? Go hand-care beauty salon, high cost of thousands at every turn, ranging from a few hundred, why not buy a home machine, just the price of 2 hand care at home can easily get permanent benefit from. Skin changes in autumn and winter will be great, especially dry and chapped and so there will be so tarnished the skin, usually as long as we believe that applying a moisturizer will be able to get enough skin protection, but in fact care should be comprehensive and detailed , Paraffin wax treatment with deep moisturizing, moisturizing, hydrating effect. Paraffin wax in nutrient-rich vitamin contains A, C, E, collagen and precious olive oil and other plant extracts, through warm wrap effect, the pores of the skin relaxation, the wax contained in the nutrients delivered to skin deep to pay, to remove aging skin cells, improve skin rough and dry and so on. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue. Wax treatment, the skin immediately becomes rosy health, small and fine lines will disappear. Both features: the use of superheated steam sauna, the skin pores, thus cleaning the pores of the face and hand, foot for skin care. Paraffin wax is a very effective method of treatment! It Paraffin wax by heating the warm after the role of the nutrients contained in wax into the skin, effectively removing aging cells and improve skin roughness, dryness and so on, increase skin elasticity, that recovery of your hand soft and delicate, moist and smooth. It also dilate capillaries and promote blood circulation, so skin immediately after treatment wax look rosy health, some small fine lines will disappear. Fen La Bana:

 spice plants, including a large number of vegetable oil, mineral oil, D E and other active ingredients, when used in the face can only be used once, and recovered can be used for hands and feet. Paraffin wax enriched mineral oil, a variety of moisturizing ingredients replenish skin oil, is quickly absorbed through the skin and form a natural protective film, long-lasting moisture, so that the hand Holding on soft. Improved hand skin roughness, cracking phenomenon, so smooth and delicate hands. Can also be used to care for the face and foot skin against aging, dry, aging skin effects. Paraffin wax did not add high-quality normal paraffin, add normal paraffin to reduce costs, but in skin care will be fragmented into small pieces, when, unable to form trophoblast and delicate, and the lack of nourishing ingredients, the effect is not good .  Seasonal Hand Care: hand care to do is sub-seasonal, hand care for two year peak in the winter do care, moisturizing the best, about 10 days once, each about 30 minutes. Summer is done to whitening, about half the time is enough.

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LX-1032 Electric Wax Machine for Hair Removal

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